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FAQ page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about our services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you gaurantee the quality of work?

Pixel2URL  is committed to the highest standards of quality. Our interactive and iterative feedback process is designed to ensure that the project is not deemed completed, until you are satisfied with the work.

Are your designers technically qualified to design websites?

Our team is comprised of designers who have loads of experience as well as degrees in Web Designing and Engineering. Also, in order to ensure that we are able to serve our clients better the whole team undergoes training in latest technologies periodically.

Are the designs compatible to Search Engine?

We realize the importance of Search Engines in our lives and our team of engineers have a solid grasp on the workings of search engines as well as fundamental rules of Search Engine Optimization. These are integrated into the website during the development process itself, thus ensuring a website which is perfectly placed to rank well in search engines. If you already have an existing website and would like to make optimized for Search Engines, kindly fill in this form or send us an email at hello@pixel2url.com

How much would it cost me for website design?

It is our belief that each website is unique in its own manner and that each project differs and requires a customized touch. To that effect, based on your needs and the overall complexity of the project, we will give you a extremely competitive and most reasonable price in the industry. Kindly fill in this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What technologies are used for website design by your team? Can I suggest my preference?

Pixel2url uses technologies like php, asp, perl, xhtml, python, Ajax etc. You are absolutely free to suggest your preference and if the site can be developed in the suggested Technology, we will build it.

Which Databases are used during development? Can I suggest my preference?

We work primarily with MySQL to create e-commerce capability. However, in case of specific requirements, we are open to work on other Databases too.

Is your team capable of creating a full-fledged site?

Pixel2URL  is technically equipped to create highly complex websites such as Amazon as well as completely interactive sites like YAHOO

Can the updates be done by the client?

Absolutely. If you feel that you would like to do in-house updates, then we will set up the system so that you can manage your site on your own.

What kind of post development support do you offer?

Some of our customers sometimes after the site has been developed, require constant updates made to their sites. In order to ensure that our customers are on top of their business and that the site is always current, we have a 24/7 webmaster service – Anytime-Webmaster. If you are interested, do let us know and we will be glad to help you.

If the information above doesn’t help. Call our support center +92 333 878 4519
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