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ERP Solutions

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ERP Solutions

Manufacturing a cost effective product, meeting commitments with customers is quite challenging. Manufacturing industry deals with number of industry partners and business entities for their smooth operations.In addition,fluctuating economic factors, market governance and compliance mandatesads to their complexity.

Today there is a great need for efficient systems, which offers dynamic controls and high accessible informational access to support strategic decision making, to keep up with the robust business environments.

Pixel2URL ERP is a highly scalable and flexible software solution to strengthen back office operations for better control and higher profitability.Embracing latest technology built on single unified model, with powerful integration and comprehensive tools it helps to manage entire manufacturing business from end to end.It is a smart ERP solution supporting entire range of manufacturing processes from procurement of raw materials, production tracking, inventory management, supply chain planning, expanded outsourcing, sales and marketing, asset maintenance, human capital and payroll management and business analytic.These business processes can be selectively configured to cater to unique business needs.

Footwear, Accessories & Leather goods
Industrial Machinery & Products
Food & Beverage
Electricals & Electronic
ERP Solutions

Some major features of the solution:

  • Demand forecasting & planning
  • Effective inventory management
  • Promising users for connecting their departments, suppliers and customers
  • Adopted to support multiple operational activities
  • Provides fine integration of procurement, material management, planning, manufacturing and accounting
  • Capability of maintaining customer relationship management and ecommerce
  • Offers data analysis mechanism that further enhance decision making activities
  • Functionality of handling numerous manufacturers at a time
  • Eliminates unnecessary operational downtime
  • Excellent product traceability and tracking throughout supply chain management
  • On-time and flawless delivery
  • Users can get quick ROI