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eBay Store Design

Make an impact and increase sales with custom eBay store design

eBay Store Design Sialkot
eBay Store Design

Being an eBay seller, the key to stand out in a competitive marketplace is having an attractive, custom eBay shop design. With personalized eBay store design, you can develop your brand across every online sales platform. Unique features of these designs are that you can customize everything from the color scheme to buttons, Links, Logos, Icons, Favicons and even the search box to make sure your store is different from the millions of others on eBay. eBay store owners sell up to 40% more than regular sellers, and this figure can be improved even more -by a custom eBay store front design.

We have a cutting edge technology which would keep us up to date and also create latest trends which would ensure that we provide our customers, the best of services. We also ensure that we are ahead of the curve each and every time. We also have a mobile commerce element which is available in order to ensure that the designs stay beautiful and also true to their nature.

We design services primarily to increase the sales and also to create beautiful designs which would improve the functions of the client’s website and the marketplace.

Key Features of our eBay Store Design services

  • Customization of eBay store design
  • Customization of eBay listing template design
  • Enriches the shopping experience of the buyers
  • We can merge your already existing template design with the new listing template design
  • On an average an increase in the order value
  • Custom Home Page Design
  • Custom Store Header Design
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Listing Templates
  • eBay Store Design Integration
  • Convenient for the customers to find the products

eBay Image Hosting

A major (and quite obvious) difference between a physical and an online store is that you can’t see the items that you’re browsing. This means that your product images must be taken well – it could prove to be the difference between a user converting into a customer, or not. As part of our eBay design package, we are able to offer image hosting, which include;

  • Hosting for your eBay store design AND your eBay product images.
  • 200MB storage space.
  • Full FTP access to upload images.

Increase your eBay store conversions with us!

At Pixel2url, we aspire to help eBay traders to take full advantage of the potential that the world’s biggest marketplace can offer. If you’re looking to get the most out of your brand by increasing your conversions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! You can contact us on +92 333 8784 519 or alternatively, send us an e-mail at hello@pixel2url.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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