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Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is no longer a trend – it’s a necessity. 1 out of every 3 Internet visits originates from a mobile device. That number is not only staggering, it’s a mandate to agencies like ours and to businesses like yours. Ignoring mobile audiences creates risks far greater than simple UI and UX.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Friendly Web Design

The amount of web traffic from mobile devices has exploded over the last couple of years and seems to be ever increasing. Mobile websites are optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and e-readers. Because these kinds of websites are made specifically to be used on portable devices, they allow for much faster, more effective access to your information. Pixel2URL creates mobile sites with clear, concise fonts, images and layouts that load quickly to allow for a pleasant and productive mobile browsing experience.

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Responsive Web Design

is a technique that allows a website to be reformatted based on the size of a user’s viewport (or screen size). The technique allows web developers the ability to establish rules that format a website according to available space. You may be familiar with the “pinch-to-zoom” gesture which allows you to zoom in on a particular section of a website while being viewed on a mobile device. With responsive web design, instead of pinching to zoom, the content and layout will format accordingly so that particular gesture isn’t needed.

Benefits of Responsive Design

There are two primary ways to establish mobile friendliness: separate mobile websites and a responsive website. Our mobile efforts are concentrated on the latter – and for good reason.

With a responsive website, you’ll be making content changes through a single application as opposed to multiple platforms each serving one piece of the segmented audience. Simply login to the content management system and make the change and it will reflect across all platforms in real time.

There’s additional hidden benefits in terms of maintenance of the website. Because a responsive site has a singular code base and a singular database, your long term maintenance costs will inevitably be more cost effective than the alternative.

Latest Google Algorithm expects Responsive web design. Hence it gives more weight age and loads top of Search result. Is your website equipped for this memorable change?

Responsive Website has many advantage over Mobile websites,

  • No need to have multiple websites for different resolution/devices
  • No duplicate content as there will be common URLs
  • Easier to maintain the content as multiple update for one change is not needed.
  • Responsive website is viewable on all latest Mobile devices

As per a later study by Google for Responsive Web Design :

  • 94% of cell phone clients have hunt down nearby business informative content
  • 57% of cell phone clients wouldn’t suggest a business with a resource with an underprivileged versatile experience
  • 40% of those individuals turned to a contestant’s business after a terrible versatile experience
Test for Mobile Responsive Design

The time is currently to redesign your destination. Be Responsive.

How Pixel2URL Can Help?

As a standard, all of our websites come fully responsive and content managed. We can help whether you’re starting with a blank slate or if you have a non-responsive website that needs responsive integration.

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